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Ideal Education Global has capability of recruiting international students from round the globe through our recruitment portal and automated student placement system IEG connect. Our global team of study abroad experts will ensure you will only receive qualified and complete applications.

We have purpose built one stop study abroad tech platform that provides application management, document management, workflow management, education provider search, course search, professional development, training, resources, student placement and 24/7 support solutions to our team members worldwide.

Partner with us and increase your global presence. Our recruitment system, strategies, and large network of study abroad experts are helping many education providers worldwide.

Our EdTech system key features:

  • Course search option with details.

  • Ability to include team members in the system from any part of the world.

  • Training resources for our staff members.

  • 24/7 chat option with head office through the portal.

  • Marketing materials stored in the cloud and available for use.

  • CRM platform.

  • Workflow board to keep track of work process and application status.

  • Student application submission though the system and centrally managed by the head office.

  • Student information and document management.

Please feel free to contact us on if you want to partner with us.

Why partner with us:

  • Receive quality and complete applications with documents that meet  guidelines

  • Receive student application from all around the world. Thanks to our recruitment portal and global team

  • We will make sales and business development strategies for international student recruitment and action the plan accordingly.

  • We ensure all our team members are up to date with information and well trained that they can provide accurate study abroad consultancy to the students

  • We work with industry experts, immigration lawyers, visa experts to make sure our students are getting the best guidance for their visa.

  • We are partnering with student health insurance companies to assist students purchase their mandatory health insurance policy.

  • We provide educational support services to students. Such as pre departure briefing, accommodation assistance, airport pick up assistance etc.

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